The M.O. of D.W.

The reason why he is so relentless in his torment of you, Robin, is that “He wants you to pay for your sins”.



46 Responses to “The M.O. of D.W.”

  1. my girl Says:

    Not sure about this one…

  2. my girl Says:

    What were your sins???

  3. osofine Says:

    An M.O. (Modus Operandi) is not the same as a motive… This describes a motive for tormenting Robin, not the method/s s/he uses to kill. Is this just ignorance, or some sort of clue (can’t imagine what)?



  4. osofine Says:

    Actually, having just written that and double checking the definition of M.O.:

    “modus operandi |ˈmōdəs ˌäpəˈrandē; -ˌdī|
    noun ( pl. modi operandi |ˈmōdē; ˈmōdī|) [usu. in sing. ]
    a particular way or method of doing something, esp. one that is characteristic or well-established : the volunteers were instructed to buy specific systems using our usual modus operandi—anonymously and with cash.
    • the way something operates or works.
    ORIGIN Latin, literally ‘way of operating.’”

    CC *could* be saying that ALL of D.W.’s victims have some “sin” (or percieved sin) that s/he’s trying to make them “pay for”.



    • Timantha Says:

      @ osofine –

      That would really make sense in keeping with the fact that the show was compared to “Ten Little Indians” early on by those working on it. In the novel “Ten Little Indians,” the killer killed everyone based on their guiltiness in an unprovable crime they had committed. That ties into the sin idea. The “guiltier” people were killed later than those who weren’t seen as being quite as guilty. I don’t know if my explanation makes sense, but it will to anyone who has read the book hopefully! 🙂

      An interesting note, also, about “Ten Little Indians”: The killer faked his own death midway through… I’m not a fan of the whole “Booth lives!” theory, but, those of you who are, well… There you go! 🙂

      • Courtney Says:

        I agree… I have read the book several times, and i have stated too that the killer died half way through with help from the Dr…… But didn’t they reveal that it was JW… So could DW be Wakefields child?? All we know is that JW had a child with abby’s mom… that doesnt mean abby was the child

  5. B-but that’s not an M.O. DW doesn’t seem to have a common M.O. (M.O. means method, right? Or am I confused?

    • osofine Says:

      It’s either poorly written, or he’s trying to say that everyone he targets has some “sin” (though it may only be in his/her opinion). IMHO.


  6. Since I believe, as I think many other people do now, that DW is the HI killer, I would have to say, he works alone, and he only kills people when they are alone. That is part of it. He also seems to like using a headspade, when possible. Those things would seem to fit into a method. However, he is not opposed to using other ways of killing, if the situation calls for it. And if any of the mainland murders the sheriff tracked were done by the same killer, then he does switch his MO from time to time.

  7. milissas Says:

    hmm… well DUH didnt we figure that out already?

  8. thepoohguy Says:

    My guess is that Robin is blamed for the accident and all of the other passengers are going to die on that video except for her.

  9. moose Says:

    k so this doesn’t make any sense….didnt cheshire cat die??? so why would there be a new post? lol

  10. Anne Boleyn Says:

    Modus operandi (often used in the abbreviated forms M.O. or simply Method) is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as “mode of operation”.


  11. ATyce Says:

    I think it means something that only “He wants you to pay for your sins”is in quotation marks…but I’m not sure what. The fact that he put it in quotes indicates that he’s taking it from another source. Any thoughts?

  12. shgarland Says:

    No. That’s not a modus operandi (M.O.). That’s a motive. As aeth said, M.O. means method.

  13. pao Says:

    The reason why he is so relentless in his torment of you, Robin, is that “He wants you to pay for your sins”.


  14. imateam28 Says:

    Obviously he wants her to pay for her sins…he wants everyone to pay for their sins. Just look at his quote on his profile, “Redemption is only for the worthy. And salvation, for the wicked.”

    We’re obviously dealing with a psycho who basically thinks he’s a god, or at least worthy of making the decisions of a god. This guy has a major complex. But…the fact that he is being ‘judgemental’ (ie making people pay for their sins…most likely sins he considers to be against him and his family…) means that he is –somewhat– a person who can discern between right and wrong, even if he does have a skewed way of judging that…and seeking justice in an unjust (yet slightly poetic) fashion.

    And yes, this all does fit into an “MO” because understanding why he’s going after Robin, is the way to understanding him…which can only lead to figuring out who he is.

  15. imateam28 Says:

    …And let’s not forget that it’s not just about Robin…it’s about the whole Harper’s Globe/Harper’s Island community — think of the people who have died on HI…how they died, when they died, why they died …???…

    I could be completely off base here, but maybe DW is basing some of his judgements on the seven deadly sins (???). Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s more to it than that, but Greed definitely seems to be apart of the reason some people have died on HI.

    Just a little food for thought.

  16. Walter Says:

    The reason why he is so relentless in his torment of you, Robin, is that “He wants you to pay for your sins”.

  17. Angelina Says:

    Just getting in to all of these HG and HI sites and trying to help figure all this out. Is there something from the videos or newspaper archives that could be “M.O.” other than modus operandi? I know that’s a little confusing… but sometimes trying to think outside the box can be confusing. I’ll put my thinking cap on! 🙂

  18. Brijit Says:

    « Why I Can’t Just Say The Truth To YouThe M.O. of D.W.
    The reason why he is so relentless in his torment of you, Robin, is that “He wants you to pay for your sins”.

    you highlight it underneath the heading and get this….What sins does she have??? What sins does abby have considering on harpersisland it’s all about her and they are making it like it’s the sherif….hmmmmmmmmmmm

  19. Lilian Says:

    M.O. – Modus Operandi

    It’s the term used by criminal investigators to describe the methods a criminal uses to perpetrate the crime, i.e. bounding and gagging, pulling victims off of Craig’s List, killing with a blow to the back of the head.

    Because M.O. is generally consistant (it’s used by investigators to link crimes to killers), the only way M.O. would apply to D.W.’s actions is that he’s killing everyone, not just Robin, for payment of their sins. But what sins…?

  20. Tresbien Says:

    More to the point is that CC put the statement in quotes. That tells us that someone said/wrote those exact words.

  21. bian Says:

    why is he wants you to pay for your sins in quotes? Are we supposed to take that as something DW has directly said at one time, perhaps to CC or something CC overheard?? If CC is just telling Robin that information, I don’t think the quotes are needed unless there’s more behind that.

    idk if i’m even making sense.

  22. Jac Says:

    Sooo…..the M.O. is that he’s a Copy Cat…..

  23. Andy Hall Says:

    D.W.’s M.O. / method is to target sinners. Rather than revealing the M.O. of the murders, he’s revealing the M.O. of the victim selection.

    I think that was the point you were making right?

  24. Rustaysea911 Says:

    The reason why he is so relentless in his torment of you, Robin, is that “He wants you to pay for your sins”.

  25. Kat Says:

    If you highlight the entire area you get this message: The M.O. of D.W.
    The reason why he is so relentless in his torment of you, Robin, is that “He wants you to pay for your sins”.


  26. Laura Says:

    You have to highlight the section under The MO of DW. It tells you this The reason why he is so relentless in his torment of you, Robin, is that “He wants you to pay for your sins”.

  27. KatyBee Says:

    Were one of her “sins” the car crash?

  28. Matt Says:

    The reason why he is so relentless in his torment of you, Robin, is that “He wants you to pay for your sins”.

    Yeah Aeth. My dad gave a speech about that. DW doesnt have an MO.
    It doesn’t make any sense…

  29. wonderful Says:

    i noticed that andy signs his name as CC at the end of every blog post. On the even posts he adds the even number but on the odd posts he doesnt put the odd number… maybe that is a clue for something?

  30. Looking_Glass Says:

    The way someone does something; a characteristic method: “Her modus operandi in buying a new car always included a month of research.” This phrase, often abbreviated “m.o.,” is used by police to describe a criminal’s characteristic way of committing a crime

  31. Raine Says:

    The m.o. is he or she is killing the people based on their sins. I read something a while back that someone proposed Katherine and Richard were stabed in the back because they were going behind people’s backs when they were cheating. If you look at cousin Ben’s death, he was a swimmer and he knew Brent. Somewhere there are the scores from Brent’s Ironman thing. What if cousins Ben’s death has to do with something that has to do with his swimming and some sin involved with that? I really can’t figure out what others’ sins would be but I think his M.O. is killing people in ways that point out their sins, like in Silence of the Lambs. Maybe Robin’s sin is that she abandon everyone instead of helping them and the killer is reinacting the accident on the road by killing people on Harper’s globe and making it so that Robin can’t help anyone.

  32. Raine Says:

    More evidence that the killings have something to do with sin is the Ave Maria Song. I found a site with the lyrics translated and it’s very interesting. The site said that the poem Ave Maria was written in reference to The Lady of the Lake which my husband pointed out has to do with the knights of the round table and King Arthur. Didn’t King Arthur search for the Holy Grail? I just realized something, if I remember correctly, some people think that in the Last Supper by Da Vinci that Mary Magdalene is on the right hand side of Jesus and she is supposed to represent the Holy Grail. If you read the lyrics in the poem below… Is Abby suposed to die for the sins of the people around her?

    Walter Scott’s Original
    from “The Lady of the Lake”

    Ave Maria! maiden mild!
    Listen to a maiden’s prayer!
    Thou canst hear though from the wild,
    Thou canst save amid despair.
    Safe may we sleep beneath thy care,
    Though banish’d, outcast and reviled –
    Maiden! hear a maiden’s prayer;
    Mother, hear a suppliant child!
    Ave Maria!
    Ave Maria! undefiled!
    The flinty couch we now must share
    Shall seem this down of eider piled,
    If thy protection hover there.
    The murky cavern’s heavy air
    Shall breathe of balm if thou hast smiled;
    Then, Maiden! hear a maiden’s prayer;
    Mother, list a suppliant child!
    Ave Maria!
    Ave Maria! stainless styled!
    Foul demons of the earth and air,
    From this their wonted haunt exiled,
    Shall flee before thy presence fair.
    We bow us to our lot of care,
    Beneath thy guidance reconciled;
    Hear for a maid a maiden’s prayer,
    And for a father hear a child!
    Ave Maria!

  33. moose Says:

    haha i like how theres a ton of comments that all give the same explanation. people, if its already been written, dont write it again. you are wasting space and wasting others time reading the same thing over and over again. you just make yourselves look stupid posting by continuing to post what the message says…we get it already! wayyy to go people lol. and no one is getting that cheshire cat is dead soooo he cant be writing this

  34. Nikkala Says:

    “he said: The reason why he is so relentless in his torment of you, Robin, is that “He wants you to pay for your sins”.

  35. imateam28 Says:

    @ Raine: I like your logic! I think you may be on to something with that poem. Thank you very much for posting it!

  36. Timantha Says:

    Well, the writing in Wakefield’s diary definitely sounds like someone who would kill people because of their sins…

  37. Frostess Says:

    Okay here we go….The MO of John Wakefield is to display them gutted and very gruesome. His MO is NOT using a gun therefore there is two killers and CC is trying to tell Robin that. All of the victims that were killed by a gun are NOT Wakefield but his accomplice. I have also figured out who the accomplice is but that would be considered a spoiler.

  38. Audrey Ashburn Says:

    Couldn’t it mean the motive of Dangerous Wreck???

  39. Teri Says:

    I have read repeatedly that there is only one killer, that the killer on HG and HI are the same person. Could Wakefield be after Robin because his long-lost daughter that was adopted out was Ashley?

    MO…Wakefield does use different methods for killing people, although he seems to be using largely the same ones this round of murders as he did 7 years ago.

  40. itsme Says:

    I think cc is not really cheshire cat (andy) but his father Chris Cullen

  41. Ruby Says:

    someone from the accident lived…..

  42. angel Says:

    are we sure wakefield is the killer? call me crazy but isnt that just to easy maybe he is mentoring somebody and just pushing them along showing them how to get away with it. I don’t know kinda hoped this show would be better then that. Maybe somebody from the wreck or Jimmy I believe Wakefield is involved but not the killer but if he is the killer hes not doing it alone. First off he is to old to take on some of theses young guys alone also were is he getting his money to stay so hidden for so long? A kid or young Adult could Wakefield was to publicised or however u spell it. I don’t know prob time for coffee huh.

  43. angel Says:

    Oh yea why did he leave Chloe alive big question we have not seen him kill anybody except her boy friend and he didnt seem like he was all that into it. When I think of physco I think of a guy getting a rush out of killing someone wakefield didn’t seen to get that into killing Chloes boyfriend more like he was defiending his self. This show has had alot of twist I just wonder if this won’t be one of them.

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