Heed The Numbers, What You Need Is Underneath







29 Responses to “Heed The Numbers, What You Need Is Underneath”

  1. SMILLS Says:

    He will not stop until he sees you dead..?

  2. PM Says:


  3. Jess Says:

    This says” he will not stop until he sees you dead”. So does that mean Robin is gonna die no matter what?

  4. Pxtcx Says:

    He will not stop until he sees you dead is what the message says.

  5. RubyRed Says:

    “He will not stop until he sees you dead”.

    So not only does he want Robin dead but also Abby. We know the who (just not persons’ name), now we need the why

  6. Brianne Says:

    The message says ” He will not stop until he sees you dead”

  7. Josh Says:


    “He will not stop until he sees you dead.”
    It’s a simple letter-number substitution. 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc.

  8. kevin Says:

    Match up the numbers with the letters of the alphabet they correspond with.

    He will not stop until he sees you dead.

  9. Anne Boleyn Says:

    He will not stop until he sees you dead.

    Man, Robin’s screwed.

  10. ally7987 Says:


  11. John Says:

    ***************SPOILER ALERT**********************

    This is a simple alphabet number cipher. Just to save people time, the answer is “He will not / stop until / he sees you / dead.” To me, this seems like old information, although we expect this to be directed at Abby more than Robin. Oh well, maybe someone will find something else in the code…

  12. Eric Says:

    “He will not stop until he sees you dead”


  13. KatyBee Says:



  14. MajorStranger Says:

    First and i decript it:

    He will not
    stop until
    he sees you

  15. ATyce Says:

    *****SPOILER WARNING********


    (The numbers match up with letters of the alphabet)
    I feel like these clues are redundant – yeah we get it, he wants Robin to pay/die/suffer and he’s a persistent bastard. Deeper meaning?

  16. kit Says:

    all of these multiple posts that say the same thing are very annoying. Boooo Hisssss

  17. Jenova HGHI Says:

    I dunno. I can’t help but think that there’s more to it than just a re-hash of what CC’s been saying before.

    The wording seems strange to me, so I wonder if there’s something to read between the lines. The title line is:

    Heed The Numbers, What You Need Is Underneath

    and then the cypher is:

    He will not
    stop until
    he sees you

    Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda see something in a scheme of rhyming here; heed, need, sees… I dunno where I’m going with this.

    Perhaps I’m thinking too hard and trying to see what’s not there.

    And why be so wordy? Why not keep it short and simple? “He wants you dead.” Straight to the point.

    I mean, really? How much time is Robin going to have to come here and look over these cryptic messages before she’s attacked by the killer?


    So it just makes me think there’s something more here than meets the eye.

  18. cyberfighter Says:

    I think he is talking about the numbers after cc. The title of the post says to “heed the numbers, what you need is underneath.” The cc # signature is underneath every one of the categorized posts. I don’t quite know what this means yet but because of the title of the post, the simple alphabet correlation just doesn’t seem right.

  19. Josephine Says:

    OK! The puzzle has been solved!

  20. Looking_Glass Says:

    lets all keep posting the same thing over and over as if it’s new information!!!!!!! =D

  21. Jason Says:

    There has to be more to this…the obvious answer can’t be it. Did anybody try any other ciphers?

  22. Stalker Says:

    Is this really all Andy had? What a waste of time killing him when he had nothing.

  23. Josh Says:

    So we know one killer is John. I think the other is Jimmy. just has to be. IDK, like Cody reminds me so much of Jimmy just with longer hair. But why is wakefield pissed and killing everyone everything has to make sense in Harpers island. IDK

  24. gqpolitico Says:

    Guys, I think there’s something more than the easy code breaking you all have done.

    Note the number after his signature? CC 8. All of the categorized posts are signed CC and then a number. CC 2, CC 4, CC 6, CC 8. They alternate in tandem with the uncategorized posts which do not contain numbers after the signature. There is an obvious pattern there… but I’m not quite sure what they are leading up to…

    CC 2 would be simply CC B, CC 4 = CC D, CC 6 = CC F, CC 8 = CC H

    After the four images in the andy warhol cat post, the group of vampires assembelled in the twilight picture and now the recurring posts – Cheshire Cat may be trying to tell us that it isn’t just one person killing people on Harper’s Island – but a group.


    He will not stop until he sees you dead.” Ok – this doesn’t mean “HE” is the one who will kill – it just means “He will not stop” until that condition is met. Stop what? Its unclear. What do you guys think?

  25. ATyce Says:

    Danger Prone Daphne posted a very clever blog on the HI site…she pointed out if you rearrange the first letter of every word in the title and, because of the way it is phrased, use all the letters in “underneath” it spells “Henry Dunn Hate Twin”

  26. darvi727 Says:

    Twins? Very interesting.

  27. Chad Says:

    So if you take the number under each “Categorized” entry and go to that word number in it’s title, the words from all the entries come out to: “The is my underneath boat lighthouse.” Unscramble that and you have “My boat is underneath the lighthouse.”

  28. Chad Says:

    It’s why the “Categorized” titles keep getting longer and longer. The number I was referring to is the number next to the CC signature for the “Categorized” entries.

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