Boy’s Life

When I Was


I Built A Boat

With My Dad



34 Responses to “Boy’s Life”

  1. When I Was 9, I Built A Boat With My Dad

  2. koko Says:

    who would submit it now poor andy he will be missed

  3. Matt Says:

    When I was 9 I built a boat with my dad.

  4. KatyBee Says:

    It looks like he made the boat with his father. His father’s also wearing a wedding ring in the third picture, not that it’d have much significance.

  5. AKW Says:


    Answer below:

    “When I was 9 I built a boat with my dad.”

  6. AKW Says:


    Answer after highlighting mouse over pics…..

    “When I was 9 I built a boat with my dad.”

  7. thepoohguy Says:

    When I was 9 I built a boat with my dad. Hmmm…

  8. osofine Says:

    What is going on in the second to last photo? A woman is helping Andy with a tablesaw? Did he MAKE a rowboat? Could she use it somehow, or is he pointing out that there are more boats on the island than just the ones in the Marina?

    Also, the woman helping Andy – is it his mother? She appears to be pregnant (though married)… could it be Sarah Mills?? Is Andy Abby’s older half-brother (with Wakefield as his dad?). Hmmm. I don’t think Sarah was married when she had Wakefield’s kid, but who knows? Anyone have any thoughts?


  9. osofine Says:

    “When I was 9 I built a boat with my Dad” is what the “alt” tags on the photos spell out. It doesn’t look like a man to me in the second to last photo, though (see above post).

    Huh. I don’t know.


  10. Jay Says:

    “When I was 9 I built a boat with my dad.”

  11. jas Says:

    ok so when he was 9 he built a boat.. that means you could probably get of the island with the boat?

  12. EJ Says:

    when i was 9 i built a boat with my dad?


  13. Anne Boleyn Says:

    “When I was 9, I built a boat with my dad.”

    Awww, how cuuuuttee!

    Woah, I wonder if CC’s going to tell Robin that the boat is still there and that it’s a way to get off the island!

  14. Blargh Says:

    Hovering your mouse over the pictures, in order they say, “When I was nine I built a boat with my dad”

  15. VinnyB Says:

    If you scroll over the pics little messages pop up that say:
    When I Was Nine I Built A Boat With My Dad

  16. Kelly Says:

    the mouseovers say, when I was 9 I built a boat with my Dad.

  17. Lilian Says:

    What if the boat is still there somewhere? Could Robin use it to get off the island?

  18. 48park Says:

    The last picture seems to suggest that the boat was placed/kept somewhere in the woods (actually like a Christmas tree farm)… Rowing off Harper’s Island does seem like a daunting task – the ferry didn’t seem all that quick – but perhaps if its the only choice you have…

  19. gray Says:

    Okay, we all know what the message says, so let me say I think if you are saying it’s a pregnant woman in the picture with him, you need to go back and look at the message. He built the boat with his dad. I’m sorry to say, I think the “pregnant woman” is just an older guy with man-boobs. Okay, continue…

  20. RubyRed Says:

    Mouseover says, “When I was 9 I built a boat with my Dad.”

    First photo has been cropped…someone is left out of it.

    Last photo has been altered.

  21. september2star Says:

    That is a man… though a man with a belly, it is a man.. you can see a beard…

  22. i think hes showing her how to get off the island

  23. Kat Says:

    that’s definitely not a woman in the pic with the tablesaw. It’s a man with a beer-gut…

  24. vapours Says:

    Do we know how old Andy is/was now at the time of his death? Was he 9 seven years ago???? Would make him 16 now??? Did he make the boat with his dad and then his dad was killed?????

  25. D.S. Says:

    If you look closely, you can see that it’s a man with Andy. He’s built like a guy. Flat chest and beer belly.

  26. charlye C. Says:

    hmm….built a boat when you were 9 with your dad (who we see in the next to last picture with you)…where is the boat?

    How is this supposed to help Robin…..unless… tells us why your dad was late to work the day Wakefield did all the murders…..and why you would have seen wakefield…….

    You were putting away the boat you and your dad finished that morning when someone was killed…..but who? and how does this help robin?

    and why am I talking to a dead guy?

  27. Okay, based on the clue, we know Andy is…was…16 or older. Maybe with more clues we can determine his age.

  28. Tim Says:

    Seriously, read everyone else’s posts before you post the same retarded thing.

  29. Tim, WordPress blogs require comments to be approved by an admin and that usually results in 10+ comments being posted at once. Maybe you should do some research before you start calling other people retarded.

  30. Shy Says:

    Yeah how is that person in the 2nd to last pic his dad…cause it sure looks prego maybe about 3 months along and why does every one put the same thing of what the pics say as u go over them ppl tend to releize that themselfs u know anyways yeah to bad for the little boy!

  31. Amy Says:

    Look at the next entry: Devising An Exit Strategy When Your Option Is A Boat ….I believe Andy is trying to tell Robin to get off her blog (or off Harper’s Globe website) and leave the island on the boat…. there must be more to this message though…

  32. Felix Says:

    when I was 9 I built a boat with my dad

  33. harpers island freak Says:

    what i think andy is tryin to tell her is that i built a boat with my dad and that boat is hidden somewhere on harpers island and the message is the only way to get off is by boat if you think im right than reply

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