My Great Friend Alice

When I was a boy, I had a cat named Alice. Alice was my great friend. We played together. I loved Alice very much. One day I came home from school and I could not find her. My Father told me that Alice had gotten sick and gone away. I did not know what he meant. I had been sick before and I never went anywhere. He meant that she had died. I cried very much for her. I did not want her gone. I did not understand why she had to go. Because I did not understand, I believed she would come back from wherever she had gone to.

A few months later I saw Alice in the woods. My Father said that it wasn’t her. That my imagination was telling me something different than my eyes saw. I went back to the woods every day, but I did not see her.

One day I was playing hide and seek and I was behind the woodshed in the field and Alice walked right up to me. I thought my imagination was lying again, but then she jumped into my arms and I saw the tag on her collar. It WAS Alice. My imagination was telling the truth. I was very happy to have my great friend back!

I showed Alice to my Father and he sat me down and told me that the day Alice died, he had accidentally left the backdoor open and Alice had gotten away. He was very sorry to have let the cat go and did not want to make me angry with him, so he said that she had died. But she had not died. She was alive all along.

This is all happening again now. Except this time, the one who did not die, the one who was alive all along, is not my great friend.

He is my enemy.



19 Responses to “My Great Friend Alice”

  1. LouLou Says:

    Sounds like JW 🙂

  2. koyuke Says:

    hes probally saying john wakefield is his enemy for killing his dad and has returned after he ran away and the sherif said he was dead

  3. Ty Says:

    He means John Wakefield.

  4. misssmel123 Says:

    This is obviously about John Wakefield. We now know from the show that he is infact one of the killers.
    But, i almost wonder if this has something to do with Jimmy from HI? and maybe he is Wakefields accomplice, because we all thought her died at the marina, but it turned out he was here all along?

  5. misssmel123 Says:

    … also, i noticed from the episode with the flashback where abby saw wakefield, but jimmy came up behind him and distracted him so abby could get away that jimmy never actually said what happened after he got out of the truck to yell at wakefield.

    still cant figure out the connection between HG killer and HI killer yet though :S

  6. RubyRed Says:

    We know you are referring to John Wakefield. He is your enemy because he killed your father.

  7. Rachael Says:

    didnt someone supposedly die in the car crash on HG? Maybe the person that robin thinks she lost, has found her….

  8. what i think andy is tryin to tell her is that i built a boat with my dad and that boat is hidden somewhere on harpers island and the message is the only way to get off is by boat if you think im right than reply

  9. the boat that andy made might be in the woods

  10. Confirmation or Clue?

  11. After all, we all assume that DW does Not Equal JW but could be his accomplice, however the last H.I. ep did give possibility to JW has accomplice AND JW used secret N’erland tunnels to go solo, hmm?!

    1st time 1st — guess I got carried ‘way 😛

  12. Snogz Says:

    This has got to be talking about Wakefield.

  13. Matt Says:

    Okay, why is the F in father always capitilized? And we need to figure out why all even numbers are uncatagorized and odd are categorized.

  14. charlye C. Says:


    We know this.

    WHY is he your enemy in particular?

  15. Ainezd Says:

    This might mean Lucy.

    Because on my “Pick your victim” site Lucy is still listed as a victim choice and not in the dead area even though we saw her on fire, maybe she didnt die after all????

  16. Marti I. Says:

    I’m glad Alice came back, but hate that John Wakefield has returned to terrorize the island more than already has.

  17. selene Says:

    This one i think is telling robin that it is either dangrous wrack or john wakefeild, BUT i was think that why would DW do that the brent, i think it was wakefeild, aslo the guy that was standing in the road i think was Wakefeild. But who knows!

  18. HI_is_wonderful Says:

    @misssmel123… when abby told jimmy about the time wakefield almost killed her, jimmy said that he saw abby hiding in the bushes when he pulled over.

  19. Laura Says:

    I think it is Booth.

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