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Robin, by this time, all of my posts should have gone up. With any luck you read this blog, listened to it, understood it and took away from this the important things you needed.

If I am alive still, I hope that we are friends and have survived this scary time together. If I am not, I hope you are alive, safe and far away from Harper’s Island. I hope the real truth about this place, and all the bad stuff that went on here, has been revealed.

I hope that no more blood has been shed, and that we can finally start to heal from all of this. But mostly I hope that my Father can now rest in peace. That I may rest in peace.

And that justice has been served to the evil man who has brought such horror to this peaceful place I call home.

Thank you for listening to me, Robin. Good luck…



My Great Friend Alice

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When I was a boy, I had a cat named Alice. Alice was my great friend. We played together. I loved Alice very much. One day I came home from school and I could not find her. My Father told me that Alice had gotten sick and gone away. I did not know what he meant. I had been sick before and I never went anywhere. He meant that she had died. I cried very much for her. I did not want her gone. I did not understand why she had to go. Because I did not understand, I believed she would come back from wherever she had gone to.

A few months later I saw Alice in the woods. My Father said that it wasn’t her. That my imagination was telling me something different than my eyes saw. I went back to the woods every day, but I did not see her.

One day I was playing hide and seek and I was behind the woodshed in the field and Alice walked right up to me. I thought my imagination was lying again, but then she jumped into my arms and I saw the tag on her collar. It WAS Alice. My imagination was telling the truth. I was very happy to have my great friend back!

I showed Alice to my Father and he sat me down and told me that the day Alice died, he had accidentally left the backdoor open and Alice had gotten away. He was very sorry to have let the cat go and did not want to make me angry with him, so he said that she had died. But she had not died. She was alive all along.

This is all happening again now. Except this time, the one who did not die, the one who was alive all along, is not my great friend.

He is my enemy.


Boy’s Life

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When I Was


I Built A Boat

With My Dad


The M.O. of D.W.

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The reason why he is so relentless in his torment of you, Robin, is that “He wants you to pay for your sins”.


The Focus Of My Attention

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I am a cat.  So graceful, so independent, so determined.
Was it really just yesterday that I was so small and helpless?
Not a dog, nor a hamster, nor a fish is a better companion than I.
Filming me sleep, eat, pounce and learn is my Master.
You want me to come over so you can pet me.
I won’t let you.
Was it my call that made me seem interested in you?
Filming me soaking in the sun, safe and secure, is my Master.
Him I would do anything for.


The Dark Fate of My Father

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R.I.P. Cheshire Cat

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Robin, if you are reading this, I am probably dead.  He has found me, and he has killed me.  Please do not blame yourself for my death; I have expected this moment for many years.

There is so much to tell you, so much you need to know.  But if he finds the answers here, all will be lost.  I have pre-set this blog to release new posts automatically.  Each post will help you.  Read them carefully, for there are words and pictures, and much more beneath…

Good luck, Robin Matthews.  I hope you do not meet the same fate I did.